Love is BAD!

...or good? I really don´t know, because some minutes ago, when I wanted start write this post, I wanted tell: love is bad, but now, situacion is different. Love is good. I thought it would I never tell... but I love him. Him who loves me. But what with boy whose I love? Can I love two boy? Probably yes. But it´s not the same love. It´s different love. What means, when I cry for them still? But I thanks that one of them is so amazing! embarrassing again. But I am tired. I am tired from love. I want walking in  white big blanket and have a rest! take a break from everything around me. Just me and the beautiful sea, empty head- it´s my dream. One thing is clear-  nothing will ever be the same again.  Some words can change everything about 180°.